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by The Coffeedrinker
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In the mid-90s, musical artist THE COFFEEDRINKER truly failed to leave any mark whatsoever through a beat tape that didn't even come close to being released. When THE COFFEEDRINKER decides to return a decade has passed and a lot of things seem to have changed. The tracks that he decided to share with this new world might be indicating where THE COFFEEDRINKER has been but not where he is going. For now, just regard them as the 2006 christmas & new years greeting from the staff of Structures...
Topics: ambient, drone, seasonal
by Sonores
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This is the soundtrack to a dream. Close your eyes and let the music take you where it needs to go. The mood is tranquil, but beware - there's a darkness hidden beneath the beauty. It will creep up behind you and send shivers down your spine. Relax, allow the ghostly melodies to caress you, to envelop you. Let go.
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Topics: post-rock, ambient, shoegaze
by The Giant's Dream
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Tell me about the EP - is there a concept behind it? Yes. The last year we've been working on an album, that actually now is finished. The songs on "Aeons bygone" were actually for the album. But somewhere in the chaos of rearranging and forming the album we saw an outgrowth with another and less serious theme. And the theme we saw was a pulp science-fiction theme. And I guess that is the concept behind the EP "Aeons bygone" . In the music and atmosphere at large we have...
Topics: electronica, post-rock, ambient, sci-fi